Every body who know me just call me DIDI, and it just the only one my nick name.

For a close communication, please don't hesitate to send me message by WhatsApp at +628117571988 or by email at "didi@didi.id"" itemprop="description"/>

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100% Indonesian, Poet, Biologist, Salesman, E-Marketer for offline product


What is E-Marketer job in my term?

E-Marketer is a job to help all over people, mainly in Indonesia, to using internet, to growth up their offline business, their hope, their work to do. So the objection is : to help offline activity goes online.

To support this mission, on September 2017, I found CV. DIDI--the name was taken from my first name, "Didi" Arsandi. On 2018, we will create a lot of proposals to make a deal with some company, institution, key person, to realize the goal and output.

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